TNOA Journal of Ophthalmic Science and Research

: 2022  |  Volume : 60  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 219--220

Passing on the baton

Sharmila Devi Vadivelu 
 Cornea Services, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Sharmila Devi Vadivelu
Senior Assistant Professor, Cornea Services, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Vadivelu SD. Passing on the baton.TNOA J Ophthalmic Sci Res 2022;60:219-220

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Vadivelu SD. Passing on the baton. TNOA J Ophthalmic Sci Res [serial online] 2022 [cited 2022 Nov 27 ];60:219-220
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Respected members of TNOA,

Greetings from the office of TJOSR. It is with immense pleasure that we bring to you the July–September issue of TJOSR for the year 2022. We are delighted with your warm and enthusiastic response to our previous issues, and we hope you find this one just as interesting and informative. It is indeed a great privilege to serve as editor of this prestigious journal which has a remarkable history, for the past 4 years, and for that honour and your continued support, I remain truly grateful.

Thank you all for the support and cooperation extended to the Editorial Board since its inception in December 2018. As Bill gates quoted, 'Content is the king', and thanks to all of you members for providing our journal with great content. The Editorial Board of 2018–2022 has a good mix of experienced stalwarts and young, enthusiastic academicians. The Editorial Board has brought out 15 issues to date and this is our 16th issue which is the final one from the team. Getting the DOAJ indexing and the RNI registration were major milestones, and we are proud of being instrumental in achieving them. Overall, it has been a good tenure for the journal and the team. However, all good things must come to an end, and its time for us to pass on the baton.

At the peak of the pandemic, we as front-line workers had a harrowing time, with the risk of infection hanging over our heads like the proverbial sword of Damocles, compounded by exhaustion, both physical and mental, the torment of tough triage decisions, and the pain of losing patients and sometimes colleagues to the disease. During this difficult period, the journal still managed to receive a good number of submissions not only from across the nation but from international authors too.

During the pandemic, fresh information was emerging daily on various aspects of the disease and its management pertaining to all specialties, and it was essential for us to stay updated. TJOSR strived hard to provide up-to-date information on developments in Coronovirus disease (COVID-19) in ophthalmology, particularly in the management of the dreaded Mucor mycosis. Our goal was to present the highest level of evidence for clinical decisions, from practice pearls to surgical skills and we managed this through articles from experts in different subspecialties.

 Statutory Requirement

TJOSR has been included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) which is a significant milestone in the history of the journal and the association. The fact that this journal has been included in DOAJ means that research publications published in this journal will be recognized for career advancement of the teaching faculty in medical colleges/institutions in India, as per guidelines laid down by the Medical Council of India. The Editorial team has also completed the Registrar of newspapers for India (RNI) Registration. We need to focus on publishing articles of good quality with the objective of taking the indexing to the next level. Consistency and innovation are the key. The team has started work on getting the journal indexed in Scopus and it will be carried over by the next team.

 Scientific Writing Workshop

TJOSR organized a Research and methodology webinar -TNOA IJO Publish and flourish, along with the Indian journal of ophthalmology on 6.5.22 which was well-attended with over 400 participants. Participants included luminaries as well as postgraduates, and we were heartened to receive excellent feedback with over 500 views. There was a physical session of the TNOA -IJO session at the annual conference in Coimbatore which was well attended too.

 Journal Website and Manuscript Management System

Wolters Kluwer is responsible for the Journal website management and publishing system.

TJOSR has used the Medknow Wolters Kluwers publisher portal, Journal on the web, ever since the journal got indexed. Wolters Kluwers has designed an all-new manuscript management portal armed with the latest software and a fresh new design. We are pleased to share with you the link to the new website. Please log on to

I request members to login as authors and submit articles to the journal ( using your login name and password.

Features of our TJOSR journal on the web

The online manuscript processing system allows a member to submit articles and track their progress up to the proof stage. This secure and easy-to-use service streamlines the uploading, reviewing, and editing of medical manuscripts. TJOSR Journal on the Web enables manuscripts to be received and processed remotely by editors and reviewers from any computer at any time.

With built-in mobile and email alerts as well as reference and plagiarism checking tools, Journal on Web drastically decreases time spent on processing and peer-reviewing submitted manuscripts. So, our turnover time would be reduced and our authors would be able to track the stage of their manuscripts in real-time.

ELECTRONIC VERSION: The electronic version of our journal is available and helps us in reducing our carbon footprint.

I would like to thank all the authors who have contributed to TJOSR. Our online issues have registered a staggering number of hits. Peer review, we all know, plays a major role in the advancement of science. Every article that is being published in this journal has been subjected to a stringent peer review process by experts in the respective field. I would like to thank the reviewers for their timely review of submissions and the entire Editorial Board for their coordinated effort. I take this opportunity to thank once more, Dr. Nirmal Fredrick, the previous editor of the journal, Associate Editors Dr. Murali Ariga and Dr. Rachula Daniel, the enthusiastic Joint editors Dr. Prabu Bhaskaran, Dr. Madanagopalan, Dr. Naveen Radhakrishnan, Dr. Moses Rajamani, Dr. Shruti Nishanth, and the entire Editorial team for their invaluable support. They remain my dream team which made my job infinitely easier.

Over the course of my tenure as Editor-in-chief, I have had the unstinting support of the Managing committee for which I am very thankful. It is only peer review that distinguishes a predatory journal from a high-quality open access journal and my special thanks to Past President Dr. Thangavelu for acknowledging the reviewers' efforts with an award and certificate at the Madras Icon Conference in 2021. I am also deeply indebted to President Dr. Mohan Rajan for his support during my tenure and for making the IJO-TJOSR session happen. My heartfelt thanks to Secretary Dr. Madhavan and treasurer Dr. Loganathan for supporting all our endeavours.

I hope you are all enjoying the convenience of having the e-TOC format of the journal delivered to your email. We will continue to bring out only the electronic format till the COVID situation resolves.

We invite more research publications of great quality from our members. Let us all work to improve the quality of the journal's content and bring it on par with national and international publications, so that we may achieve a wider readership, as well as more citations and downloads.

We welcome feedback, to help us make the issue more relevant to your clinical practice. Be assured that your suggestions are greatly valued and will receive careful consideration.

The time has come for me to bid goodbye and pass the torch on to the new team. I wish the new Editor Dr. Jeyanthan, an experienced academician, and his team, the very best. I am confident that they will continue the good work and raise the journal to new and dizzying heights. I will continue to serve the association as Joint Secretary, thank you for electing me to that position. I am forever grateful to all of you. I reiterate my most sincere thanks to all and look forward to seeing a grand future for our beloved journal, the TJOSR.